24 voicemails for Dion Phaneuf today

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Wife (Susan) and I laugh and talk about it all the time because it was an incredible ride. I was inside on a lot of stuff that I never wrote about and some of the early quotes were mind boggling. We had the best times in the newspaper business when salaries were high and the conditions were the best..

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5th June 2015Quote: “It’s a prequel. It takes place before the first movie, which takes place in 1981, when we were all in our 20s playing 16 years old. It’s now 14 years later so we’re all in our 40s and we’re playing 16 years old!” Elizabeth Banks, 41, jokes about reprising her role in the cult 2001 comedy WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER to play a teen again for the upcoming Netflix series.

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They’ve been a duo ever since, the country lawyer and the hick quarterback. Surrogate daddy, surrogate son. Bus has seen his boy throw for more than 39 miles in yardage, he’s seen most of the 497 touchdown passes, and he’s muttered “goddammit” during the 317 interceptions, all NFL records.

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The family life was disrupted. There are elderly people today who know their fathers only through faded photos of young men in uniform, and some crumbling letters. Others, like myself, recall the family trek out of state so that a 4 F dad could still do something, such as build aircraft engines six or seven days (or nights) a week.