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cheap nba Jerseys china Creating and celebrating those connections are the cornerstones of our TogetherSI initiative.Importantly, we also want to keep Staten Islanders connected with local businesses that are owned and operated by our neighbors.BEING THERE FOR YOU AND WITH YOUYou’re homebound, how can you stay connected to your fellow Staten Islanders, and to the news impacting the borough? That’s where our digital shows come in.Every weekday, we’ve got the news you need, the conversations you’re hungry for and the workouts to keep you fit.Our weekday schedule of programming runs down this way:An overview of the Staten Island focused news headlines you need, in just a few minutes. Stay Fit, Then Stay HomeDon’t give in to the quarantine 15! Host Shane DiMaio gives socially distanced exercise ideas to keep us in shape. Spotlight on BusinessOur newest show, hosted by Todd Bivona, features interviews with Staten Island based business owners who are innovating and serving clients during the crisis cheap nba Jerseys china.