However, recently, in light of social distancing, the

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping We were text messaging back and forth, and finally had to reach a point where we said, ‘Okay, stop listening to the Wynton Marsalis recording, because we’re never gonna sound like that. We need to figure out how to sound like us playing this, and not like somebody else.'”A unique performance, by a truly unique band. Army Band performs a range of national and international events, from public concerts to state arrivals and inaugurations.However, recently, in light of social distancing, the band is creating online content, posting performances and even music lessons on their social media pages.”One of the best ways to connect people of the United States to our military is through music,” said Staff Sergeant Adrienne Doctor, another trumpet player who performed on the “Sunday Morning” video.Kugel asked, “Because of stay at home orders, it seems like the role of musicians and the band has changed dramatically. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

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