Before the COVID 19 shutdown, Moscow’s LGBTQ

Appointing an official to investigate an agency while still reporting to that agency head presents a huge conflict of interest and runs contrary to the rule of law. It should be explicitly barred. These officials will also be privy to confidential information and the complaints and identities of whistleblowers.

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wholesale jerseys Before Peter the Great began to execute homosexuals in the army, copying German punishment rules, gay people enjoyed rights wholesale jerseys from china in Russia,” Shainyan said.Before the COVID 19 shutdown, Moscow’s LGBTQ population enjoyed bars, clubs and dating websites, not much different from what LGBTQ people have in the West, except that here the culture exists underground. Then international flights were cancelled, and wholesale jerseys LGBTQ people were worried about being able to escape the country if a new campaign of persecution began.In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Levada Center, an independent polling agency, published new horrifying polls: 18 percent of Russians wanted to see LGBT people https://www.nfljerseyforcheap.com “liquidated.” Shainyan admitted that for a few seconds he felt “animal fear” upon seeing the figures.Shainyan interviewed Levada’s sociologists about their study. It turned out that since 1989 the sociological center has been asking the same questions about pedophiles, murderers, and drug addicts (as if grouping LGBTQ people alongside these groups make any kind of sense). wholesale jerseys

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