The anticipation of the new hockey season was

Plus, exclusive news and analysis every day. Sign up now. 2020 Advance Local Media LLC. Mr. Trump order widens the pool of undocumented immigrants to be deported. It includes not only those convicted of crimes but also those not yet charged who are believed to have committed that constitute a chargeable criminal offense.

Melo put up 20 points by himself in the first quarter, doing most of the heavy lifting as the Knicks led Charlotte 30 21 going into the second. Carmelo stayed just as hot, putting up another 17 to send his team into the half up 67 46. The last 3 of those points came on a stunning shot as Melo leaped over half court with a second left to play and sunk an amazing buzzer beater..

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Not only is he busy with the day job; he is also in demand as a motivational and after dinner speaker, as well as fulfilling other PR engagements. Some of his plastering clients don’t recognise him today, or maybe only after they’ve done a quick double take of his features and racked their memory. They’ll need to rewind to February 1988, at the Winter Olympics in Calgary, when Edwards had a Warhol esque moment of fame as his alter ego: the British ski jumper ‘Eddie the Eagle’..

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