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Color is an important factor and it come is a variety of colors. You may have heard of a blue diamond such as the Hope Diamond. The Incomparable diamond was cut from an over 800 carat stone to about 400 carats but most, but not all, of the famous diamonds are under 70 carats.

There are several ways to attract girls and they don’t have to be complicated. If there’s a hottie in the office or at the bar that you really want to talk to, don’t be discouraged and think that she wouldn’t give you the time of day. Here are but a few simple tips you can keep in mind:.

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KINGSTON Wyoming Valley West School Board voted unanimously to keep any property tax increase within a state set limit, but business consultant Joe Rodriguez said the district had little choice. Calculations done by the business office showed the district would not qualify for either of two state allowed exceptions to exceed the limit. The stat annually sets a maximum tax hike for all districts.

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