But each of these plays lasts an average of just four

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Cheap Jerseys from china When the ball stays within the field of play, such as a run or pass where the player is tackled in bounds, the clock continues to run. If there are few incomplete passes or plays where the ball carrier runs out of bounds, then this will inevitably eat up large amounts of time from the 60 minutes of play time as well as giving less time for commercial breaks.Teams are also under no obligation to use all of their time outs, and if there are less changes in possession then this will also shorten proceedings somewhat.Why all https://www.cheapnbajerseyscn.com the stoppages? Although commercial breaks have become a key part of the NFL game, these were merely inserted into periods of the game where stoppages already occurred.For a British sports market accustomed to watching 80 or 90 minutes of ongoing action in rugby or football, the American Football concept can be hard to understand.(Image: SIPA USA/PA Images)It has been calculated that the average game features just 11 minutes of the ball being live, and it is hard to see why this needs to take around three hours to complete.But each of these plays lasts an average of just four seconds, and those four seconds are as explosive and full on as can be imagined.Whereas a rugby player may constantly be on the move for 80 minutes and react to things on the fly, those four seconds of each American Football play are meticulously planned and involve maximum explosive effort.Will the Super Bowl last even longer? In short, yes. The Super Bowl takes an average of 3 hours, 44 minutes to complete.This is mainly because of the famous half time show which has become a central part of the event, played by acts such as U2, Beyonce, Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake in recent years.Whereas a standard NFL half time lasts just 12 minutes, the Super Bowl half time show lasts around 35 minutes, and this event is the main reason why the showpiece game lasts slightly longer than a standard fixture.Read cheap nfl jerseys MoreSport top storiesLionel MessiWhat has happened to the 5 players Lionel Messi once named the best in the worldBack in 2019 Lionel Messi named five players he considers to be in the same category as himself and Cristiano Ronaldo but things can change quickly in footballJurgen Klopp held back Philippe Coutinho transfer info in private chat with Sadio ManePhilippe CoutinhoSadio Mane has recalled holding a private chat with Jurgen Klopp to seek assurances over the amount of game time he was going to get following Mohamed Salah’s arrival Cheap Jerseys from china.