To get a jump on mating season

Male groundhogs are poly monogamous, meaning that they will mate each spring with more than one female. To get a jump on mating season, the male averages eight days less hibernation time, waking after roughly one hundred and six days of hibernation, (the female averages around one hundred and fourteen days), and uses this time to begin laying the groundwork for the courting process. Awakening from his long winter’s nap, the male groundhog may wander out into the neighborhood to pay a perspective lady groundhog a visit, even spending a few days at her place as they get to know each other before returning to his own burrow, and in this way paving the way toward the mating season later in the spring..

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No one would blame them if they had trust issues that no amount of therapy could fix. From the beginning of time (or at least since 1993), they’ve leased never bought their favorite players. Marlins fans have watched various groups of owners and management sell off their favorites from Gary Sheffield to Miggy Cabrera to Giancarlo Stanton not because another team offered them a sweetheart deal, but because the Fish simply couldn’t afford them.It’s the worst.

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