But when it comes to seasonal coronaviruses

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) estimates that nearly 2.2 billion workers, representing 68 per cent of the global workforce, are living in countries with recommended or required workplace closures. The UN agency says that migrant workers are among the most vulnerable groups in this pandemic situation. Reports document rising levels of discrimination and xenophobia against migrants and in some cases food insecurity, worsening working conditions including reduction or non payment of wages, cramped or inadequate living conditions, and increased restrictions on movement or forced return to home countries where they may be stigmatised as carriers of the virus..

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Chayka added in a separate interview: “This summer is a huge opportunity [for him], and he’s really got to capitalize on it. If he does, he’s got a chance to take the next step sooner than later. Obviously for him to take that step, the speed and strength is going to have to increase, and he knows that.

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