If it is a hit, the batter drops his bat and runs to

The selection of the 18 year old center, who has been compared to Hall of Famer Wayne cheap nba jerseys Gretzky, was not a surprise to anyone as he has been considered the most coveted prospect for years given his hockey sense, skating wizardry, deft passing and vision for the game’s finer offensive points. Said the sky high expectations that await him when the 2015 16 NHL season opens in October, along with comparisons to some of the game’s greatest players, are nothing new. Something that I’ve been dealing with for a long time now and there’s nothing I can do about them,” McDavid said shortly after slipping on his No 97 blue and orange Oilers jersey.

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I was raised in Philadelphia’s leafy green suburbs, and he’s a Jersey boy. For a time after our move, back in 1986, I pined for tall trees and cold creeks but I quickly fell for the immense skies and the mountains that ring the city. From my dining room I can see the Santa Catalina range, its light changing minute by minute throughout the day, from the rosy pinks of dawn (or so they tell me) to flaming orange at sunset.

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Hockey fans for almost every other NHL team, are die hards. They either sink or swim with their team. Canuck fans (again, this is not directed towards the few hardcore Canuckleheads I know) are so quick to turn their back on their team after a few crappy games.