Our grooms wore masks and gloves before this started

“We always keep a very clean environment back there because we don’t want viruses to come in and get the horses sick. Our grooms wore masks and gloves before this started.”Santa Anita received approval to resume racing May 15 with new protocols in place.Without fans eating, drinking and gambling, track owner The Stronach Group has let go half of Santa Anita’s workforce, mostly on the hospitality side, according to Aidan Butler, TSG’s executive director for California racing.”It’s brutal,” he said.Face coverings and daily temperature checks are mandatory, and everyone who passes inspection slips on green wristbands. Social distancing is required, too, although with 320 acres to spare, there’s little chance of overcrowding in the Art Deco grandstand or stable area that Cheap Jerseys from china houses about 1,700 horses and 750 workers who live onsite.”I think it’s a little overkill,” said Baffert, who lowered his bandana during an interview while keeping his distance.

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In places that have managed to recover from an initial outbreak, officials must still contend with the fact that the coronavirus may return. China is now fighting to stop new waves of infection coming in from places where the virus is spreading out of control. Other countries are bound to face the same problem..

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