26th September 2016Fact: Kevin Hart and David

Being a savvy, not to mention desperate consumer, I broke down and got out the owner manual. There is a reason people are reluctant to read owner manual and here it is: the owner manual does not tell the owner what she wants to know. There are 30 count 30 pages on how to hook up the seat belts.

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En estas situaciones llegamos a sentir aprecio, gratitud por cosas que no apreciamos como la salud. Hay una reflexin sobre la vida agitada y loca que vivimos. La solucin es una actitud de una ayuda mutua.. 26th September 2016Fact: Kevin Hart and David Beckham have teamed up for a hilarious new H ad. The latest clip follows the odd couple’s short film for the fashion brand last year (Sep15). In the new ad, Beckham joins the funnyman on the road as he hopes to bring his Beckham: The Musical to Las Vegas.

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