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I was lucky enough to be able to map the South Pass greenstone belt at the southern tip of the Wind River Mountains (greenstone belts almost always contain gold, iron, nickel and other valuable deposits). This area included several historic gold districts: Lewiston, South Pass, Atlantic City, Miners Delight others. I identified several hundred gold anomalies in the area found that the gold was structurally controlled in folded reefs that likely have rich ore shoots down plunge for thousands of feet.

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Administration realizes this is a rare thing, said Liedtke at the time. When I laid my plan out and showed them how things would work, I think they felt that it worth a try and to see how it goes. Story short, it went well, thanks to his boys assistants at the time Terry Huck, Troy Fogle, Matt Anderson, and Bostic.

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Women are having a hard time finding some personal space or a safe space to communicate with their family or loved ones. This lack of emotional support is also taking a toll on their mental health, such as depression. In this tough time, it is necessary that women should be assisted with their household responsibility.

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