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They have the racial situation better organized than anyone else’. What?”About transgender children and LGBTIQ: ‘It’s all the work of the devil tennis is full of lesbians it is sad for children to be exposed to homosexuality’.”Serena, do me a favour: get two more Grand Slams this year and get to 25, so we can leave Margaret Court and her offensive views in the past, where they both belong.””Margaret Court is actually a ventriloquist using the Bible of the dummy to say whatever she wants.”Tennis Australia is facing a dilemma what do they do with their crazy aunt?”Its solution? “We will recognise what she did in 1970 but we won’t celebrate the person. Huh? It doesn’t work that way.

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John Ryan Murphy: Centeno is getting the chance because Murphy, acquired in the offseason for Aaron Hicks and tabbed the heir apparent to Suzuki, has had a dismal season at two different levels. Murphy was just 3 for 40 with the Twins before being dispatched to AAA Rochester. He sputtered there initially, then started to hit but lately he’s been right back into the funk.

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