But the current shutdown of sport worldwide means

Fifth, and last bit of advice, find ways to give back to others. I recommend working with the United Way of Greater Nashua, making phone calls to friends who are anxious or isolated, or becoming trained through the Global Impact Group Volunteer Surge to help professional healthcare workers from your home or in the field. Giving back is the surest way to feel sane and that each day matters..

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cheap jerseys He saved them, but it was really, really sad.”This week’s decision by the International Olympic Committee and Japan’s organizing committee to postpone the Tokyo Games to 2021 was a relief to Canada’s athletes who weren’t going if the Games were held this summer.But the current shutdown of sport worldwide means athletes aren’t earning prize money from competitions, nor performance bonuses from sponsors.Pavan and Humana Parades would have opened the season Thursday in Cancun, Mexico, but all FIVB tournaments scheduled for the next few weeks have been wiped out by the COVID 19 pandemic.Tournament wins come with a paycheque of between US$20,000 to $40,000, plus crucial Olympic ranking points.”It’s been really challenging,” Humana Paredes said. “Our FIVB season for 2020 is pretty much done, which is kind of surreal. Prize money from tournaments was my main source of income, and we no longer have them. cheap jerseys

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