His 17th season, he has seen players come and

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In 2018, Sutherland and Midnight Shine covered Neil Young’s classic Heart of Gold. The song was released on their third album, High Road. They put a cultural twist on their rendition of the song adding pow wow singing to the track and a verse in the Cree language..

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Feel truly privileged to have had the opportunity to serve as the commanding officer of this incredible group of Navy professionals and their mighty warship,” said Burton. Persistent performance and dedication to duty, day in and day out, to achieve the seemingly unachievable, is a testament to today youth and their willingness to work together for a higher purpose. Sea, Burton served aboard USS Jefferson City (SSN 759), USS Kentucky (SSBN 737) (Gold) and USS Newport News (SSN 750).

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“Folks are going to be surprised with just how nice this facility is. Certainly, it’s located in north Huntsville, but it’s really unique and something that the entire city will be proud of and the entire city will use. It’s something we’ve been proud to be a part of for sure,” said Ricky Wilkinson, Director of General Services for the City of Huntsville..

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