This time around we completely locked in and

Still, the images of people standing so close together in the middle of a pandemic unnerved many observers. Chris Janson also posted Instagram videos of a big crowd at Gordy’s Hwy 30 Music Fest in Idaho on Saturday night and deleted them after he started to see criticism. He apparently blocked Morris on Twitter (“ummmmmm what did I DO?!” she tweeted, with three cry laughing emoji), as well as Whitney Pastorek, a Nashville manager who previously worked for Janson’s management company and tweeted that the scene at Janson’s concert was “reprehensible.”.

Cuce continued his stellar sophomore season by guiding the EC men to a 5 2 non conference victory over the Lions of Bryn Athyn at the Murray Athletic Center on December 5. The Fort Myers, Florida, native scored a game high two goals and was tied for the team lead with three points. It marked his third consecutive game with at least one point and his fifth multi point outing of the year..

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When I heard Luck tell his audience that he felt “quite exhausted and quite tired,” I nodded and whispered “been there, done that.” No need to go into the gory details, but the day I walked out of the Winnipeg Sun newsroom in tears I knew the end of my newspaper career was nigh, even though I was only 48 going on 49. But I didn feel like I was quitting the newspaper business. I thought of it as a necessary step in the motion of life.

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