Their draft based approach has worked

Enhance a feature of your dress by sewing a drop of beads. If your dress comes to a “V” at the neck or waist, sew a drop of several beads to hang from the “V.” Begin as you would to sew on a single bead, but thread three to five beads on instead, knotting the thread after the last bead so that your drop can move freely. You may want to knot in between beads in case the final knot fails.

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Because of the infrequency of these negotiations and ever changing technology and market forces associated with telecommunications, enterprises have recognized they are at a distinct disadvantage when negotiating multi million contracts. Even though many enterprises have fully functioning supply chain, legal and IT departments, they typically do not have the subject matter expertise to win a “Best in Class” deal or contract from major telecom and technology vendors.Like the Old West town, many Fortune 500 firms look to Texas for help.Residing in Montgomery, Texas just north of Houston is the man sometimes known as the “Telecom Sheriff” or the “$7 Billion Man”. Dave Roberts, CEO of Teligistics sits in his large 2nd floor office with panoramic windows overlooking the landscape from the highest point in the county.

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