I honestly, truly believe that

When I am not crafting or taking care of the animals I am learning animal massage or practicing pet therapy. Whether on horses, dogs, or rabbits, animal massage goes a long way in helping stressed animals to regain confidence, joy, and non defensive behavior. Pet therapy does the same for people! I have trained Daisy as a pet therapy dog, and together we visit those who are unable to have pets of their own but who get so much out of interacting with animals..

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My threshold, temperature wise, is about 35 degrees. Anything colder, I’d rather be inside. Thursday afternoon was right on the cusp; I was pressed for time, so I went for a quick training run outside during a lunch break at work. I am raising a 4 yr old girl so I have had my fair exposure to Disney princesses and a gamut of movies. What’s wrong with wanting to be like a princess? Women should expect a man to treat her good. Are there princes likely to be lined up for every girl.

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The rain wreaked havoc with the third NASCAR race of the day at Pocono. Brandon Jones opened the day with a win in the Truck Series race and Chase Briscoe won the Xfinity race. Pocono became the first track in NASCAR history to hold three national series races on the same day..

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