Can they always travel or exchange jobs? If they

The New York Times may have 6 million subscribers, but Trump has 80 million Twitter followers. CNN may get more than a million viewers on a good day, but Trump has 19.7 million followers on Instagram alone. News organizations can and must challenge him, but it’s not clear whether they’ll be heard.We’re a divided country, an angry country that can’t agree on a common narrative, a common history or a common set of values, much less a single coherent picture of President Trump.Reporters must soldier on, doing their best to present the facts, fully, honestly and in their proper context, so that readers can draw informed conclusions and make their best possible decisions on election day.

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Dear Steve: As you are applying for accounting positions, I imagine your credit report will be checked more often than not. You will want to prepare employers for what they will find by explaining your situation much as you did for me. You may even want to develop a written account of the situation in the event the interviewer you explain it to isn the one making the decision.

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