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Some studies show workplace productivity and satisfaction go up under a shorter, more compressed schedule. Last year found 64 percent of leaders of businesses with four day workweeks saw an increase in staff productivity, while 77 percent of workers linked it to a better quality of life. The same study cited bureaucratic hurdles like contracts as among the major limitations.

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I love Phil Collins, I enjoy his resonance, his overall tone/vocal quality, but still, I don’t find his vocal abilities to be outstanding. I’m focusing on vocalists I personally find to be extraordinary in technique or range while being personally pleasing. These are in no particular order..

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This Quasar shows Planned Obsolescent to be an Lie and not a FactPlanned Obsolescence was a stupid concept brainwashed into people to think every manufactured product such as televisions, and electronics are purposefully made with a short limited life. This Quasar color television model WT5951YW, and her companion, Quasar VCR Model VH6403 have shown planned obsolescent to be an lie and not a fact. They are stull functioning like new 35 years after they were made.

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But such guardrails have gone unmentioned on some of the most active platforms for coordinating opposition to measures designed to slow the spread of the virus. One participant in a 2,000 member reopening group on Facebook suggested Trump was “pandering to the left” by speeding a vaccine to market. Another, addressing more than 26,000 fellow users, called the effort Cheap Jerseys free shipping “mad,” linking to a video outlining a conspiracy theory about Bill Gates..

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