The Pittsburgh Steelers, as promised, stood on the

Denver’s postseason bid was badly damaged with a 20 14 loss at San Francisco that ended a three game winning streak. The Broncos allowed 210 receiving yards to 49ers tight end George Kittle and fell to 6 7, in 10th place in the conference. Four teams are 7 6, tied for the second wild card spot..

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Penske will run top speed 67 71 mph and yeah taking equipment during the week may well be less expensive, but then you will have at least 7 days to make the trip when you pick up equipment here and load it, make trip, unload and return it, so if you rent during the week, you will overlap thru a weekend into the next week, they know how long it takes. You’re not going to see the kind of fuel economy you will see in a regular four wheeler. Besides after 5 hours I was ready to get out stretch myself, use a restroom, and get more coffee or munchies..

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