His swagger is merited: He mentored Justin Herbert

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The film from this game will be studied intently by Seattle post season rivals.Four way shoot out for final AFC play off placeWho wants the sixth seed in the AFC play offs? Seriously, who wants it? For when teams get into a position of strength, and control their own destiny, they blow it. Defeats for the Miami Dolphins and the Baltimore Ravens opened the door for others desperate to join the post season party.A combined 60 7 loss for the Dolphins and Ravens, at the hands of the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots respectively, means four clubs have a shot at clinching the last play off berth. Baltimore, Miami, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the San Diego Chargers all remain in contention going into the last weekend of the regular season.There are a host of scenarios that could cheap nfl jerseys see each of those teams rise above the mediocrity and stamp their play off card.

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