You got your Nik Lewises and also your Eric Rodgers

There are enough stones and crystals on display to build a good sized grotto. But these aren your ordinary, run of the mill minerals. Psychics will tell you these colourful, eye catching rocks help to heal, protect, enlighten, enrich, relieve, transmute and more.

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7) Golden State 118, Grizzlies 103 (March 27) When a Memphis Grizzly scores his 11,734th point someday, this game will have less meaning. Until then, I like having been in FedExForum when Mike Conley became the franchise’s alltime leading scorer. This also served as a farewell, of sorts, to the Warriors’ dynasty, with Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Steph Curry, and Draymond Green all in the starting lineup.

“Memphis is one of the leading practitioners of the unitary approach to planning in the nation. With unitary planning, the zoning of a community represents its comprehensive master plan. As such, neighborhood participation in each zoning case is of the utmost importance,” said Josh Whitehead, planning director of the Office of Planning and Development.

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